why are people mean to Steve Buscemi?  People literally go to live events and tell him he’s ugly and freaky to his face.  Why would you ever do that? Steve Buscemi has never done anything to you.  Steve Buscemi is really nice.  He does volunteer work.  He used be a firefighter.  He was the best man at Stanley Tucci’s wedding.  There is literally no reason to be mean to Steve Buscemi.

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Hey seagulls, your turn

Iceland, just the hint of the aurora looking out to the mountains beyond Thingvellir. A perfect night.


can’t wait till all my friends get married and have nice weddings with open bars

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i miss when i was like 12 and it would be the night before a big field trip or something and i couldnt go to sleep because i was so excited. i miss being so into a book that i would stay up past my bed time reading it. everything seems so bland or something idk. i’m only 19 and everything is so tiring. i miss wanting to be awake

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First yoga practice at my new place 🙏  #bakasana #crowpose #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #freethenipple ! #rawvegan #frugivore #fruitarian
I should probably masturbate Me whenever I’m home alone (via spicy-vagina-tacos)

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Me at parties